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ADI Index

CALL FOR ENTRIES FOR ADI DESIGN INDEX 2009 - for products made in the year 2008.

Deadline for online registration: 10 September 2009

ADI Design Index is an annual selection of design products. They are chosen from a large selection of products sent in by manufacturers every year. The products which wins are able to use the ADI Index Quality Award in publicity and advertising.
Every territorial delegation has its own workgroup "Territorial Observatory" which monitors the local design production and keeps in contact with the companies in the region. Every delegation chooses a list of products-nominees for the Index, they are then discussed at several meetings with highly qualified design jurys from ADI at a national level, where the final winners are chosen.

The selection
To be selected to the Index products have to live up to high quality standards, such as, ergonomy, environment, materials, innovation, tecnologies.
The selection is only open to products made by either an italian company or an italian designer.

Submit your product for the ADI Design Index 2009 (this information is only available in italian language)

For more information please contact by email the coordinators for ADI Index in Lazio:

Arianna Sodano and Marika Aakesson

You can buy the ADI Index Design collections from ADI's head office in Milano:

ADI Design Index 1998-1999
pp. 352, € 38,73

ADI Design Index 2000
pp. 352, € 38,73

ADI Design Index 2002
pp. 264, € 39

ADI Design Index 2003
pp. 280, € 39

ADI Design Index 2004
pp. 352, € 39

Or directly from the pubblisher Editrice Compositori for the followign collections:

ADI Design Index 2005
pp. 420, € 40

ADI Design Index 2006
pp. 380, € 40

ADI Design Index 2007
pp. 404, € 40

ADI Design Index 2005, 2006, 2007
pp. 1.204, € 90